Things you miss when you blink
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my hunch was just confirmed that a white girl runs the “common black girl” twitter account

There is not a black person alive that wishes they were a teen in the 50s




:O he remembered

but Donna never will


The cold never bothered me anyway.


"No one mourns the Wicked" 

still can’t get over with it…. >_<;;;

pascalispunk: Con Album Cover #GoT #sandiegocomiccon @sophie_789 @maisie_williams


If Parrish dies I’m quitting life.


guess i’m doing this faith of the seven series after all~

sansa as the maiden | inspired by this

"I think Mary, had she been a man, would have been one of the greatest Kings of all time, but she was a woman and she was not taken particularly seriously. Even though she was incredibly intelligent, incredibly articulate, and she knew what she was talking about, and was very progressive as a royal and as a ruler as well. She believed in peace between the Protestants and Catholics which was like, such a radical notion at the time. It would’ve been very interesting to see the change that she could have made if she’d been a man and not a woman." [x]



This boy dressed up as Harry Potter and went around Penn Station looking for Platform 9 3/4.

The person in the fourth gif is watching his dreams come true in front of him